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Drink up tonight, there’s church in the morning

By Eric Nephew Fargo-Moorhead has a new title, America’s Drunkest City. This new moniker and shifting ideologies has led to an interesting issue for the area church and many campus ministries who are trying to educate students of the potential dangers of alcohol abuse, but are also becoming less rigid in their alcoholic viewpoint Campus ministries like CRU are seeing the impact this pressure can have on the decisions of students. CRU Intern Jake Jorgensen says that pressure is especially

The difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment programs

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By Robert Tieso For anyone who has ever enjoyed a warming glass of brandy or whiskey on a cold day, it’s not difficult to see how alcohol can be a welcome companion in a cold climate. A recent report from the Centers for Disease control seems to confirm that idea, according to the report Fargo North Dakota has the largest percent of heavy drinkers in its population than any other city in the country. With different levels of alcohol abuse

Alcohol addiction counseling: Rehabilitating people’s lives

Cole Bender is pictured relaxing on May 7th, 2014 at his apartment after a long day of school. Photo by Jacob Kubik.

By Jacob Kubik Jeanie Mozner, was a longtime resident of Fargo, and a longtime alcoholic before seeking help at an alcohol rehabilitation center. “My addiction affected everything. I didn’t know how to face life and was living in denial,” Mozner said. Mozner, 52, is one of many people struggling with addiction. For those who choose to get help, they may have a second chance at life without alcohol abuse. Mozner suffered from her disease for 16 years before voluntarily checking

Alcohol and drug use is rising in high schools

Graphic by Tiffany Swanson.

By Tiffany Swanson Corsages and boutonnières used to be one of the only traditions at prom, but a new tradition has emerged at Fargo North High School in the past few years. Anyone who attended prom this year had to go through an alcohol screening. “It’s more of a deterrent since they know we will be screening people,” Chad Moen, Fargo North school resource officer, said. Students’ choice to attend school functions under the influence of alcohol or drugs lead